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Refrigerated trailer hire in Lincoln & Freezer trailer hire in Lincoln.

Chill Out Refrigeration Hire, refrigerated trailer hire in Lincoln

Q: What are the relevant UK laws regarding legal towing of trailers?

A: Customers should be aware that anyone with a standard driving licence issued after 01January 1997 are not allowed to tow trailer weighing more than 750kg. For more detailed info see government guidelines at Please note ALL trailer hired are delivery & collection ONLY no towing by customers is permitted.

Q: How can I can pay?

A: Currently you can pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer or paypal. (Please note paypal incurs a 2.5% surcharge for fees)

Q: Insurance - What is covered?

A: All hire fees include approved Hire insurance which covers the trailer for accidental damage, fire & left for the agreed hire period. However, if you are towing the vehicle and involved in an accident the hire insurance does not cover any third party. This must be cover by the towing vehicle's insurance policy. If you're not sure please seek confirmation that your vehicle insurance covers you for a third party whilst towing.

Q: Is there any excess to pay in the event of a claim?

A: Yes, there is a £150 excess charge for any claim on the hire insurance. This is payable by the hirer.

Q: Are the any conditions of cover for the hire insurance?

A: Yes. It is a condition of the cover that trailers must be clamped by a wheel clamp or hitch lock when not in use unless it is being kept in a building which is:

a) totally enclosed and secure; and

b) is a permanent substantial structure of brick, or timber; and

c) is kept locked by a minimum of a patent 5 lever lock.

d) towing of the trailer by the customer is not permitted or covered by the hire insurance.

Furthermore whilst in use, the trailer must be clamped by a wheel clamp or hitch-lock whenever it is detached from a towing vehicle.

Q: Do I need Identification to hire a trailer?

A: Yes. In order to meet insurance security criteria we need to see a copy of a full driving licence and one other piece of ID from the list below:

  • document confirming name and address
  • warrant/ID card with photo & address (NOT passport*)
  • telephone check with business/employer
  • point of hire photographs

* N.B. A passport is an unacceptable security check